Monday, June 12, 2006

Breakout, but not a rash!

This morning was quite stimulating here at the Pastor's Conference (It is a meeting prior to the SBC itself). This is the first time that a "breakout" format was used to brief everyone on a variety of subjects. One of the topics being presented was "Reaching Today's World Through Differing Views of Election." Presenting were Drs. Al Mohler and Paige Patterson, both Seminary Presidents.

I want to defer you to a blog spot where two guys are keeping up on everything at the Convention. I will add some personal commentary as the meetings progress.


Caddie Friend's Mom home with the Lord

When I first started this ministry in 1992 (we actually did our first Bible Study in the fall of 1991) one of the first guys to help contribute to my coming out on the Tour, was Jimmy Walker (aka, "James Earl"). He was working for a player named Ted Schultz. We immediately formed a kindred spirit. Jimmy would always take great notes at our studies. He was an encouragement to me.

Last Friday, after a battle with cancer, Jimmy's mom went home to be with Lord. He chose to miss this year's US Open so that he could watch it with his mom. That's what she really wanted to do! Please pray for he and his sister. The funeral is this Tuesday in Louisville, Ky.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Okay, What does "inside the ropes" mean?

If you ever have been to a PGA Tour Golf Tournament, you have probably noticed that what separates you from the playing field (a lot, I might add) is a very long stretch of rope on both sides of the fairway and the greens. Try to cross that when play is on without permission and you're going home. "Inside the Ropes" is nothing more than that area that the Tournament has designated for "Players Only."

Now what has that have to do with the name of this blog spot? Well, in 1992, when I started this ministry, I was privileged to be "inside the ropes" with Andy North (two time U.S. Open Champ) at Pebble Beach, Ca during two practice rounds of the U.S Open being held there for the third time. I was what they call, "looping" for Mr. North because his caddie wasn't due in until later that week. What a thrill of a live time. I was paid $60 a day for two days. By the way, I had only caddied once before for a guy who was trying to qualify for the Open (and he didn't make the cut).

So, I feel like I can write about golf and the ministry I have done with caddies for 15 years a little bit better having been where they are all the time. I mean just a little bit better. . . .hopefully.

My goal all these years has been to get these guys "inside the ropes" of Christianity through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ by "grace through faith." We have had some success over the years. The caddie pictured is good friend Andrew Martinez, Tom Lehman's caddie for the past 14 years. He is a faithful witness along with some other brothers.

So, there you have it. You now know. Please take out a piece of paper . . . we are going to have guiz . . . .!