Friday, November 17, 2006

She Says She's "50"!

My beautiful wife turns "50" on Nov. 18. Born Donna Renee Sipes, to Bill and Janice Sipes, in Augusta, GA. We met when she was 16 and we married just before she turned 17. What a wonderful, delightful, charming, warm, sweet, loving, caring, nuturing, wife, mother, and now a "Grammy."

She is the most godliest women I know and she lives her life for Christ each day!

Renee, Happy "50th" birthday. I love you and am happy to be married to you after all these years!


Your Devoted Husband and Friend . . . . .

Monday, November 06, 2006

The Heir To The Throne. . . . "Little Buddy!"

When Ayden, our grandson was born (June 27, 2005) we were all totally taken back ( his other grandparents and us) as to the idea that we had our first grandbaby! WOW!

The fuss"in goin on was to say, NORMAL! That's what grandparents do, right? We were and are greatful to God that he had all his fingers and toes, a set of lungs, hair, and was just . . . . beautiful and healthy.

Sixteen months later, he is the most handsome and incredible little guy (we call him "little buddy" because those were the first words out of his momma's mouth), more than we could have imagined. There is never a dull moment with him. We are shedding a few pounds just try to stay up with him.

What will be hard is when he does something wrong and has to be disciplined; he'll say ,"you wouldn't spake a sweet little boy like me?"

Ayden Christopher Moreland . . . . The Heir To The Throne!