Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Yep, Obama Is a Golfer, Too

Don Van Natta Jr., author of the book, First Off the Tee: Presidential Hackers, Duffers, and Cheaters from Taft to Bush.

1 John F. Kennedy Despite chronic back pain, averaged 80.
2 Dwight D. Eisenhower Had a green outside the Oval Office.
3 Gerald R. Ford Clumsy, but was a legitimate 80s-shooter.
4 Franklin D. Roosevelt At 39, polio robbed him of a powerful golf swing.
5 George H.W. Bush Once got his handicap down to 11.
6 George W. Bush Outgoing prez is a capable 15-handicapper.
7 Bill Clinton Can break 90, especially using his "Billigans."
8 Barack Obama The lefty plays more hoops than golf.
9 Ronald Reagan Didn't play often or well (best was low 90s).
10 Warren G. Harding Struggled to break 95.
11 William Howard Taft As hapless a golfer as he was a chief executive.
12 Woodrow Wilson Played more than Ike but almost never broke 100.
13 Richard M. Nixon He shot 79 once and quit the game.
14 Lyndon B. Johnson Played with senators to secure votes for the Civil Rights Act of 1964.
15 Calvin Coolidge When he vacated the White House, he left his clubs behind.

Harvey Family - 2009

We are finally together to celebrate Christmas and two birthdays. Chris and Arelis (left) came in from Louisville, KY, Cam, Amanda, Ayden and Alyssa (right) live in Riverside, CA, and Renee and I live in Highland, CA. We shot this photo downtown Riverside, CA. What a joy it was to have everyone together again.

Join with us as we celebrate 2009 with our lives, ministries, Country and the World. We are excited with all the great possibilities and opportunities that God has for each of our lives. Of course. Renee and I are hoping for more grand babies.

The Tour moves to Palm Desert this week for the traditional Bob Hope Classic. Please pray for a move of God's spirit upon those players and caddies who know him that they would boldly share their faith. For those individuals who have made new commitments to Christ to walk with him anew this year.

If we are in your city when the Tour comes, let us know. Have a Prosperous and Happy New Year!

Jesus Is the Right Club - John 14:6