Saturday, April 15, 2006

Let's Get Started. . . . Finally!

I can't tell you how many times I said to myself, "SELF," when are you going to post your first blog? Well, the time has come to quit putting off the inevitable and to just do it.
Born in Oxnard, CA, I grew up in Socal ( and a couple of years in San Jose. Became a huge Giants fan back then; the 60's). After high school started my education in Chicago, then England, Tennessee, Georgia, and finished up in Fort Worth, TX., for Seminary. Somewhere in that mess was a nine year stint with Uncle Sam( was a nurse).
But best of all was my marriage to Donna Renee Sipes from Augusta, GA (yes, I know, the home of the Master's) in 1973. After 33 years of marriage, we have 2 grown and married children and one grandchild(more about all that later). God is good, all the time. All the time, God is good!
We currently reside in Socal, where we have been for 21 years. I serve as Associate Pastor of a Baptist Church in Riverside. My wife is a Resource Specialist in a middle school and has worked doing this for over 20 years.
Now, about the kids. Thought you'd never ask! Our son, Christopher, 28, just got married to a wonderful young lady named Arelis Pacheco, in Louisville, KY (Chris is an MDiv candidate at Southern Seminary). He graduated from Cal Baptist University in Riverside, and did a Master's in Sports Management at Cal State University, Long Beach, CA. His goal is ministry somewhere, someday. Arelis, is a graduate of University of Louisville, in Spanish and Art, and teaches Spanish in Public School. Our daughter, Amanda, 26, is married to Cameron Moreland (6 years this August) and had our first grandchild, Ayden Christopher Moreland this past June 27, 2005. Amanda graduated from Cal Baptist University, Riverside, and taught school before Ayden was born. Cameron is a graduate from Cal State University, Fullerton, and is completing his Master's in Sports Conditioning. He currently works for a medical/rehab company. He desires to be a strength coach at a major university.
So, there you have it. It's a beginning (like a Christmas newsletter. . . . oh, well)!


DOGpreacher said...
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DOGpreacher said...

I ran into your commenton Founders Blog. You mentioned a candidate for SBC "prez", and said that he was a 6 point calvinist (stulip)!

I didn't think anyone did that except me! I have actually taught the 6 POINTS! In fact, very shortly after I was graced with the understanding of these doctrines, I realized that I was able to effectively communicate the doctrine of Total Depravity when I first communicated God's Sovereignty!

I've even gone so far as to use stulip as a personal log-in/ password in many areas such as phone/bank/computer etc...

Thanks for sharing your life and family in your FIRST post! It seems that you have indeed been blessed! I am...

...grateful for grace,
The D.O.G.preacher

Mike Lovato said...

Ron...looking forward to reading your blog. By the way, have we ever talked about the fact that I grew up in Oxnard?!

acmoreland said...

Hi Pops! Me miss you! Win you commin to seeeee meeeee!