Wednesday, February 14, 2007

You Are My Valentine!

Thirty four years ago I told my wife, Renee, that I loved her and if anything ever changed, I would tell her! Well, that's not all true. I did tell her that I loved her and have told her that everyday that I can remember. So, celebrating Valentine's Day is not something we get all googoo-eyed over, or mushy about. We do that 16/7 (we're asleep the other 8), 365 days a year.

Renee, for those folks who are rushing around trying to find that "perfect something for the one they love" may I just say again as I always do, I love you and YOU ARE MY VALENTINE!


C.Harv said...

Nice to see posts. I subscribe with google reader. Do you have an RSS reader? They are so helpful to read blogs, news, etc. in one place. Hey who is the random picture?

Anonymous said...

love,its so much more than, one day, its the life long experience.Thank You for the EXPERIENCE.