Monday, August 25, 2008


Call it the Caddyshack moment of The Barclays. As in gophers digging under the course. After Sergio Garcia hit his second shot behind a tree on the second playoff hole -- the par-5 17th -- he sought and received relief for what Garcia called "gopher holes." Or more to the point, gopher tunnels.
"It was not where my ball was, but like about five or six feet left, (the ground) was actually moving," Garcia said. "You could see the grass going up and down."
Because the unstable ground threatened to impact Garcia's shot, he was allowed to drop one club length away, per rule 25-1 for abnormal ground condition that interferes with a player's stance or the area of his intended swing.
Meanwhile, Vijay Singh had to wait after hitting a superb second shot that left him 20 feet for an eagle putt (and eventual two-putt for the birdie and the win).
"I wasn't really concerned about him," Singh said. "I just wanted to know why he got a drop. There was obviously a mole there, and he was burrowing at the moment -- you could see him popping out."
The only thing missing in this scene, evidently, was Carl Spackler.

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