Thursday, April 02, 2009

Let A Little Love In Your Heart . . . .

On February 28, I was taken to the hospital because I was complaining of "indigestion" in my chest (those are chest pains). I was kept over the weekend for observation in the Telemetry Unit of St. Bernadine's Hospital in San Bernardino, CA. On Monday, my cardiologist did a angiogram and discovered that I had at least two arteries blocked. She couldn't see the two others that were supposed to be there. On Tuesday, March 2, I was taken to surgery where my doctor performed a quadruple bypass (see the picture). I woke up in ICU to find that I was on a respiratory until I started breathing on my own. I did that right away (scary). Within two hours I was walking to a chair to sit up. My family was with me from that point on. My son flew in from KY to be there and was my "bodyguard." What a great job he did to let me sleep and rest when some people came.
As I reflect during these past 4 weeks during my recovery, I find myself more grateful to God for life, family, and friends. I have been released by my surgeon and have seen my Cardiologist. Things are looking very good. I went to work this past week for two days only staying for a few hours. I can drive in two weeks and then start cardiac rehab, 3 times a week for 6 weeks.
I must publicly thank my wife Renee for all her care for me during these weeks. I could have not done it without her. She has the best place in my heart for who she is.
I am taking great care to eat and exercise. My goal is to lose 50 lbs and to keep it off.
I thank God for the good gifts He gives His children. My heart surgery was His good gift to me.


Anonymous said...

words just aren't enough to say how grateful,I am to have you in my life.To have you alive, well,right by my side. We still have alot more of life to experience together.and by the grace of God we will.You are my best friend and lover,Renee

Chris said...

I think your right about God's gifts with this surgery.

Many would disagree on this view of how God operates. Sometimes "bad" things are allowed to happen in our lives to wake us up, to get us back on the right track, to bring our attention back to God, all for our good.

I'm glad your heart is in the right place and thankful for God's hand in this experience.

Love you dad!

Anonymous said...

Greetings from Canada . . .

bless your dear Heart !

My honey is an Anglican priest, who adores golf. By finding you, now he will have a new plan.

Coline Bettson
Dauphin, MB