Monday, September 14, 2009

The Boy On The Bag . . . is older today!

My friend, Steve Hulka, is celebrating a birthday today. He is on the road "Somewhere USA" hauling equipment for players on the PGA Tour and caddying. He has been hauling equipment for 8 years and caddying for over 30 years. Hopefully he is celebrating today with his wife Mary, who travels with him.

Steve and I met in 1978, when he and his player (David Graham) were playing a practice round with Jack Nicklaus, at my home course in Monterey, CA. We both shared that we were believers and got acquainted that weekend at the Crosby. We later saw each other at the L.A. Open in 1991, when he was working the Tournament. Since then we have been associated in a ministry on the Tour doing Bible Studies with some of the caddies.

I am proud to say that he and his family are dear friends. I have watched his kids literally grow up. All of them are going or have finished college. They had to go to University of Arizonia in order to get him rooting for the PAC-10. Now, he is hooked.

We share another rivalry. He is a diehard SOX fan and I am a loyal ANGEL fan. We love the bantering.

Steve I love you man and HAPPY BIRTHDAY, old guy . . . .!

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