Wednesday, October 18, 2006

"It's Hard For a Caddie To Make a Living Out There!"

I am often ask what Caddies make out on the tour. My answer has always been "not enough!" When you consider that everything he or she gets goes for not only living expenses while working, but living expenses at home on top of that. A lot of people are thinking of Tiger's caddie. He must make alot of money. Yes, he does. And those who's player are on the top 30 money list do as well. That's the exception, not the rule. Another thing to consider is that each caddie has to handle his or her taxes, insurance, travel expenses, retirement, social security, etc. If you are self-employed you understand what I am talking about.

Some caddies look for other ways to make extra money: sponsorhships from other companies, i.e, sunglasses, hats, clothing, etc. When they are not working on their own player's bag for that week, they are looking for other bags that might be open. For a caddie, it's a year-round job if they have anything to say about it.

The longevity for a caddie on a bag is sometimes short-lived. It all depends on one's abiltiy and likabilty from the player. I have seen guys work from one week to maybe several years. There is one caddie who has been with the player for 23 years! It is currently the longest standing relationship.

Like I said, "It's hard for a Caddie to make a living out there!"

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