Sunday, October 22, 2006

My "1st Born" and His Bride!

Renee and I have been blessed with two wonderful Adult Children and their spouses. This post is about our "first born" and his sweet wife. Christopher was born October 21, 1977, 12lbs, 6oz, 24" long! Yes, he still is a big kid (man)! His sweetheart wife Arelis, is just 5'2" and as cute as one can get. They live in Louisville, Kentucky. Chris attends The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, working on a Master of Divinity in Apologetics. Arelis teaches Spanish, but is switching to work for a Medical company in just a couple of weeks. They were married April 1, 2006, and my self and Arelis' father had the privilege to perform the ceremony.
Chris, while attending classes, also works for UPS. It has been a wonderful job for him thus far. The two plan to be involved in some type of mission work when Chris finishes Seminary. Chris is a pretty good golfer but does not have time to work on his game. He hits the ball a ton! Oh, to be young and a flat belly once again!
By the way, it was his 29th birthday yesterday! Happy birthday, bubba!

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Baller On A Mission said...

Hey Pops,

Nice Photo of us huh! Thanks for the post.
You said that we will be involved in missions when Christ
finishes Seminary! Funny stuff. Ha ha!
I know it was just a type error. Just messing with you.
Love ya Dad and I look forward to reading your blog.